Consultation with Landscape Designer

We want to gain a clear picture of your ideas, wish- list, and the demands of the site location so we will design to complement your home’s design and style.

On-site Analysis

We’ll make a pre-arranged visit to take measurements, photos and review the pertinent issues of your property.  With your approval we can move forward with the design development……you may choose a set fee for the design or an hourly rate.  40% of your design fee will be refunded upon completion of  project.

Concept Plans

We will review with you the base plan and create a design concept. This is a great opportunity to give your input and discuss any necessary revisions. We’ll also provide an estimated cost for the proposed construction.

Final Design Plan

Once we’ve finalized the drawings into a design plan, we can review the design detail together, and can go over the final estimate. With your approval we can start making it happen!