As gardens mature, certain maintenance must be applied to preserve and sustain its graceful growth, ensuring optimal long-term returns on your investment. With this in mind, we evaluate and service properties and design programs that allow your landscape to appreciate its full value and potential.  To ensure it keeps looking stunning, throughout the growing season.

From preparing your landscape for the growing season in the spring to putting it to bed for the winter, lawn mowing, fertilization, snow removal, etc. we cover an extensive range of services and talk to us about setting up a maintenance service package tailored to your needs.  

Spring Cleanup

  • Pruning of trees, plants, and shrubs to remove dead or damaged materials
  • Removal of leaves, branches and accumulated debris from lawn and bed areas in order to prepare beds for regular maintenance
  • All winterized trees and shrubs will be un-tied and/or un-burlapped
  • Clippings will be blown off patios, curbs, walkways and parking areas
  • Fresh Mulch Applied to beds as requested

Fall Cleanup

  • Cut back perennials, remove and dispose of annuals, cultivate beds, general site cleanup, raking/removal of leaves and debris
  • Winter preparation for plantings; tie and burlap as required

Landscape Maintenance

  • Weekly Turf Cutting
  • Fertilizing Programs
  • Bi-Weekly Garden Maintenance
  • Lawn, Garden & Tree Edging
  • Mulching & Cultivating
  • Tree & Shrub Maintenance

Snow Removal And Ice Control Applications

  • Quality and service matter when your safety is in on the line. We have additional snow insurance liability coverage. Our snow removal crews use the latest equipment; receive proper safety training and use state of the art GPS tracking and smart phones for communication.  Providing our clients with snow removal and ice control applications
  • 24 hour snow removal guaranteed for our commercial customers